Hilton Head Island Counseling

"Walking through pain is the beginning of personal transformation."

Choosing therapy is saying yes to creating the life you have always wanted and no to living the status quo.  Denial and avoidance are band-aids on deep wounds. Eventually, our pain is revealed in broken relationships, depression, addictive behaviors and other unhealthy outcomes. 

To initiate change the client and the therapist work together to identify strengths, goals and resources. They explore the power of vulnerability, the impact of shame and develop emotional resilience. They collaboratively examine thought patterns, develop insight and change self-destructive behaviors. 

Your therapist will be someone who supports you, listens attentively, models a healthy and positive relationship experience, gives you appropriate feedback, and provides a safe and confidential place for you to explore what it is that will bring you the life you desire. You become the author of your own story.

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