Colleen is a certified Imago Relationship Therapist. This is a unique model where blame, shame and criticism are not permitted. Some might call it a “coaching model” where the couple is taught skills and encouraged to practice in the safety of the office so that eventually they will become their partner’s best therapist.

Who needs couple’s therapy? Any couple who seek to discover a new way to communicate. Typically couples report that they have the same conflicts that they repeat over and over again. Discover what lies beneath those core arguments and learn to communication skills that will build safety and connection in your relationship. Happy couples and premarital couples are encouraged to learn how to communicate about the most difficult topics! Think of it as a vaccine!

Most often a couple arrives to therapy with a great deal of emotional pain. Many couples see me as the last resort. We work on recovery after an affair, addiction issues, anger issues or merely a sense of general dissatisfaction in their relationship. We initially explore the conditions for effective couples’ therapy, including reducing negative interactions between the partners and increasing the positive. Couples learn effective ways of communicating about their frustrations, concerns, angers and pain in the relationship. 

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In addition, I recommend a few books that may help you understand more about yourself and your partner and how a power struggle in a committed relationship can a powerful growth experience when given the proper tools to navigate.